Saving Forest Elephants in Grebo-Krahn National Park, Liberia

Liberia’s Grebo-Krahn National Park (GKNP) is home to critically endangered forest elephants, Western chimpanzees, endangered pygmy hippos, pangolins, among other wildlife, but is also surrounded by communities whose livelihoods include hunting, trade in wildlife, mining, fishing, farming, and harvesting forest products. Located along the country’s southeastern border that neighbors Cote d’Ivoire, GKNP is prone to illegal activities that are compounded by porous country borders. This project works to protect this habitat and the elephants by supporting park rangers, engaging with communities to establish wildlife clubs and educating communities about relevant wildlife laws

IEF #AF1044

Project Years: 2023

Project Partners: Centre for Environment, Forest Conservation and Research (CENFOR) Liberia