#GivingTuesday is today! As you decide on your charitable giving for 2018, we hope you consider supporting the International Elephant Foundation!

Last year IEF-funded patrols and habitat protection teams across Asia and Africa removed 3,199 snares. Imagine what we’ll be able to do with your help!

Snares are indiscriminate killers, damaging all who are unfortunate enough to cross their paths. These cruel devices are intended for small antelope and others species illegally harvested for bushmeat. They are easily made from every day materials and they can be reused by the poacher if not found and destroyed. Although not intended for larger animal species, snares cause catastrophic damage to elephants, lions, tigers, zebra, giraffes, and more, often leaving them with painful, untreated wounds that lead to loss of limbs, infection, and death.

This year for #GivingTuesday IEF is focusing on eradicating snares! Last year IEF funded patrols and habitat protection teams across Asia and Africa removed over 3,199 snares. Our camera trap footage catching elephants injured by snares was used to convince communities in Cambodia that their snares were harming elephants and other endangered species, prompting them to discontinue their use. Community education and outreach programs are teaching the next generation to be aware of their impact on wildlife and to be good stewards of their natural heritage.

Together we can secure a future where elephants (and all wildlife) can thrive!

Snare Mountain, Uganda, Elephants

Warthog killed by snare

Snare Mountain, Uganda, Elephants

Tiger injured by snare in Sumatra

Elephant injured by snare in Murchison Falls, Uganda

Snare Mountain, Uganda, Elephants

Lion injured by snare