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Uganda’s Elephants: The Real Story

Uganda’s Elephants: The Real Story is a 7 minute long video. Produced with Verity White to provide schools, universities, wildlife training institut... Read More

Interview: Dr. Michele Miller

Elephant Conservation, Outreach & Elephant Diseases IEF is very excited to start a new interview segment in our eNewsletter, aiming to have conse... Read More

Profile: Dr. Gary Hayward, John Hopkins Univ.

Interview reprinted courtesy of the National Elephant Herpesvirus Laboratory at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and the Smithsonian Conservation Biol... Read More


Model HEC in Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem

Human elephant conflict (HEC) and elephant poaching are a major challenge to Learn More

Preserving Africa´s Last Great Tuskers

Poaching for ivory dramatically increases the pressure on individual elephants carrying the iconic large tusks. Learn More

Protecting Elephants through Conservation Detection Dog Network

The use of conservation detection dogs has spread rapidly worldwide and particularly in Africa. Learn More

Conservation genetics of Asian Elephant in Southern India

The Nilgiris-Eastern Ghats (NEG) region of Southern India supports the largest wild Learn More

Integrating Teaching and Folklore Theatre

Human elephant conflict (HEC) has become a problem in most of India. Several mitigation measures have been initiated to Learn More

Survey of Elephant Corridors across Railway Tracks

Fast moving trains are killing an increasing number of elephants as the trains traverse fragmented elephant habitat Learn More

Mounted Horse Patrol, Anti-Poaching, Kenya

The horses and their riders of Mount Kenya Trust will be working with the Kenya Wildlife Service to secure the areas Learn More