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Saving Elephants and Habitat Worldwide

This massive pile represents only a small percentage of the snares that are maiming elephants, crushing the legs of lions and giraffes.  This is a growing form of poaching and a significant challenge facing wildlife and rangers.

Not if we can help it!

Protecting Elephants

35,168+ African & Asian Elephants protected
1642 rangers supported
66,166 patrol man days
6322 snares & traps found and removed (not including Snare Mountain)
594 poachers & wildlife criminals caught/arrested

Aiding Habitat & Wildlife

311,626+ km2 habitat protected
133 camera traps deployed

A few of the many species in habitats benefitting from elephant conservation projects: Rothschilds giraffe, Cape buffalo, Guar,
Malayan tapir, Hippopotamus, Pygmy hippopotamus, Black rhino, Greater one-horned rhino, Sumatran rhino, African lion, Leopard, African civet, Bengal Tiger, Sumatran tiger, Clouded leopard, African wild dog, Himalayan black bear, Chimpanzee, Sun Bear, Gharial. Additionally, many species of endangered plants, amphibians, reptiles and birds

Living With Elephants

262,957 community members reached
>520 community educational opportunities
5750 people assisted with alternative livelihoods

IEF funds grassroots programs, keeping all costs low, allowing more of each donation to directly support elephant conservation.

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Elephant Conservation

Habitat loss is the number one reason all elephant species are endangered.