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IEF Father's Day

Dedicated men and women work with anti-poaching patrols, law enforcement, aiding snared/injured wildlife, appearing in court to secure prosecutions of wildlife criminals and rescuing community members and tourists throughout the park.  The nearly 200 rangers in Murchison Falls share only 2 vehicles, and an old lorry that is used to deliver supplies to the Park’s ranger stations and command center to accomplish all of these tasks. It is critical that we provide help today!

For want of a Seat, the “LEOPARD” was lost.

On April 23rd, while returning from engaging with poachers, Sargent Albert Odar lost his life. One of Murchison Falls’ legends, Sgt. Odar fell from the back of the only vehicle available to transport the two ranger units to and from the site of an engagement. When the overloaded truck swerved to avoid a giraffe in the road, Sgt. Odar fell out and landed on his neck, never to recover.

Please Help IEF and donate towards a new vehicle for UWA.

Saving Elephants and Habitat Worldwide

Pandemic and Lockdown Impacts on Conservation in Sumatra

The dense lowland forests in the north of the island of Sumatra hold some of the world’s most magnificent, rare, and unique animals and some of the most dedicated people devoted to their preservation. Working out of 7 base camps throughout Aceh Province, the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) teams of skilled, conservation-management trained mahouts and their elephants are the frontline workers protecting wildlife and habitat. And they need our help.

How COVID-19 Hurts Elephants

One of the words we keep hearing these days is "uncertain". We live in "uncertain times", the future of businesses is "uncertain", and even the future of conservation is "uncertain". With this uncertainty comes a need for people to understand how our world is changing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 Things We Are Grateful for this #Giving Tuesday

Your support means so much, especially in this difficult time when worries are high and individual sacrifice is so great. COVID-19 is hitting both Africa and Asia hard not only taking a human toll but since tourism is at a halt everywhere, much needed, and anticipated income is no longer available to governments and communities which then limits their conservation, education, and protection efforts for animals and habitats. We need your help now more than ever and hope that you consider a gift to IEF on this "Giving Tuesday".


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