Poachers Beware!
Ugandan Rangers Have A New Truck to Protect Wildlife

Last year we asked you to help Ugandan rangers who work on the frontline of conservation by supporting the purchase of a new vehicle, and you did! We are proud to share with you that this brand new Toyota Land Cruiser complete with field modifications has arrived in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda and is already being used by grateful rangers.

Rangers are now more easily able to conduct patrols, aid injured wildlife, replenish supplies, and attend important court hearings. It is already making a difference; poachers in the area do not recognize the vehicle so rangers were able to catch criminals on their very first outing!

None of this would have happened without you! Thank you for supporting these brave rangers and the wild things in wild places that they protect. Like them, you are a hero!

2020 Impact at a Glance

Despite unprecedented challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, your support enabled an incredible amount of help for elephants last year:

people served by projects

The number of Asian & African elephants protected in habitats directly affected by project activities

snares, traps, and nets removed

138,741.19 km2
of habitat protected in Africa & Asia

educational opportunities reaching 24,946 children & adults

Patrol days supported across all projects