A donation of $50 can provide elephant deterrent supplies for a village suffering from human-wildlife conflict.

A generous donor has stepped forward and offered to match total donations now through the end of the year up to $10,000!

People who share their land with elephants and other wildlife often suffer from devastating encounters and conflict with that wildlife. Imagine waking up and your entire crop field has been destroyed, losing an entire year’s worth of income. What if your kids were afraid to walk to school because they might encounter wild animals? What if you lost a family member to a scared elephant trying to cross through your community?

Help communities turn conflict into coexistence. Living with elephants is a challenge, but the more we help communities the more they will be invested to help protect their natural heritage.

Now, when you donate today through the end of the year, total donations will be MATCHED up to $10,000 thanks to a generous donor! Your support of the International Elephant Foundation can turn a community’s adversarial relationship with elephants into one of peace. You can secure a future for elephants and preserve them for generations to come.

From now until the end of the year we’ll be sharing some of the many ways your support for IEF can make an impact.