Conservation of Elephants in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda

Over the last decade, IEF has supported the construction of fifteen ranger stations, a veterinary facility, and the Joint Operating Command Centre (JOCC) which coordinates all of Murchison Falls National Park’s ranger and security operations. Where ranger stations have been established, wildlife is returning and snares and leg hold traps set for antelope species but maim and kill lions elephants and giraffe are found and removed. Last year, acclaimed wildlife photographer Paul Hilton brought attention to the impact these ranger stations are having in the community with his photo series ‘Snare Mountain’ that showed a mountain of 12 tons of snares and leg hold traps. These snares are used in the foundations during the construction of future ranger stations, ensuring they can never be used again. In 2024, IEF is continuing our support of the Recovery of Murchison Falls including the support of the Scouts Programme which trains and employs community youth for wildlife security duties thereby expanding the capacity of rangers.

IEF #AF1029


Project Years: 2006 – 2024

Project Partners:
Mike Keigwin, Uganda Conservation Foundation, Uganda