Are you a jokester?

Do you intend to prank someone for April Fool’s Day?

Do you think your prank is a little bad?

Is your prank very bad? . . . Very, very bad?

Is your target going to be mad at you?

Then ask for forgiveness from your prankee (and hopefully still friend) by making a donation to elephant conservation in their name**!

When you donate in your prankee’s name, they will have no choice but to forgive your prank and maybe even thank you for helping secure a safe future for elephants! We suggest your forgive my prank** donation be proportionate to the level of badness of the prank.
For example:

Making a prank phone call – a tiny bit bad
Leaving a fake spider for someone to find – a little more bad
Telling your spouse you crashed the new car – pretty bad
Eloping on your wedding day – very, very, very bad

Use Elephants to Ask for Forgiveness!

**Make sure you put the name (and email) of your prankee in the “Donation Notes” section when you donate so we can personalize your forgiveness note.**