This little calf is our elephant for Day 10 of our 12 Days of Beautiful Elephant Photos! Be it Asian elephant, African forest elephant, or African savannah elephant, every species of elephant needs our help. Elephants are pregnant for 22 months, and calves nurse for an average of 2 years. It takes a long time for populations to recover from poaching, and even longer for those populations to grow. Every new birth is a (tiny) jumbo step away from extinction. Besides being arguably the cutest babies in the world, we celebrate every single baby elephant for the hope they represent for the future .

Tomorrow we’ll bring you the penultimate gorgeous elephant photo!

Feed the Horses

Mounted horse patrols are one of the most effective ways for Rangers, Eco-Guards, Wildlife Officers, and Wildlife Protection Teams to access habitats. Working with horses means protection efforts can cover more ground, reach more locations, and respond faster to incidents.

Caring for these horses is a vital duty of wildlife protection teams.

From hoof and veterinary care, to training and ensuring good fitting saddles, the welfare of the horses comes first and that all starts with a good diet.

For $2500 you can give things like Hay, Oats & Grain for Patrol Horses for one year, enabling mounted patrols to reach further to protect wild things and wild places. From uniforms to patrol supplies, your support can protect elephants and other wildlife around the world.