Holiday greetings from Bardia National Park in Nepal for Day 2 of our 12 Days of Beautiful Elephants! Home to approximately 120 elephants, this gorgeous landscape is also home to endangered tigers and other incredible wildlife. Proximity to human settlements has created conflict, and that’s where your support comes in. You’ve helped establish and support Rapid Response Teams that help prevent and respond to conflict, and protect communities and animals. These teams combined with community education sessions are making a positive impact in changing community attitudes towards protecting wildlife.

Give Daily Rations

Protecting wildlife is not a 9-5 job! The brave Rangers, Eco-Guards, Wildlife Officers, and Wildlife Protection Teams have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and they work long hours in difficult conditions. When you are walking through the bush, there is no breakroom, water cooler, or office kitchen. They must bring their food with them for day-long and multi-day patrols.

Help support this valuable work by keeping them fed! For $24 you can support things like daily rations for a patrol team!