Happy Day 4 of our 12 Days of Beautiful Elephant Photos! Today we feature a bull (male) elephant taking a bath in the area surrounding Nepal’s Bardia National Park. You know it’s a bull from his large tusks; only male Asian elephants grow tusks (unlike African elephants where both males and females can grow large tusks). This big guy is one of the many elephants protected by Rapid Response Teams in the region who are building a community consensus for conservation by teaching co-existence techniques, best practices for living alongside elephants, and responding to conflict incidents. The result of this work? Scenes like this one, where an elephant can peacefully enjoy a drink and a bath.

Put Fuel in Their Stocking

Protecting wild things and wild places means going beyond the end of the road. Rangers, Eco-Guards, Wildlife Officers, and Wildlife Protection Teams travel by foot, vehicle, horse, and even elephant to get to increasingly inaccessible parts of habitat. They also travel by motorbike, riding on dirt trails over tree roots, through small streams, and under the canopy.

You can help them travel faster and deeper into protected lands to respond to incidents, remove snares, and aid injured wildlife by gifting fuel for these motorbikes.

For $75 you can provide things like one month’s worth of fuel for a motorbike.