The African forest elephant is our feature for Day 6 of our 12 Days of Beautiful Elephant Photos! The population of this little-known, newly-recognized species of elephant numbers only about 45,000 individuals having declined by 80% in the last 30 years making extinction a real possibility.

Thanks to your support two forest elephants in Guinea have been fitted with satellite collars that will help researchers understand their habitat usage and track movements to provide an early warning to local communities if they get close. With so few forest elephants left, we cannot allow conflict with communities to threaten their lives. Every single elephant counts.

GPS: Where In the World?

Do you ever need to consult your phone’s GPS to find your way? Imagine you are patrolling untouched habitat, veering off trails deep into poaching territory. How do you find your way? These small handheld devices help with a variety of tasks: tracking and monitoring wildlife, collecting evidence of wildlife crime so poachers and criminals can be prosecuted, aiding injured animals, and recording patrol routes. For Rangers, Eco-Guards, Wildlife Officers, and Wildlife Protection Teams GPS units are essential tools.

For $250 you can fill a stocking with a tools like a small but powerful GPS Unit for an elephant protection team.