Day 7 of our our 12 Days of Beautiful Elephant Photos takes us on patrol with the Elephant Response Units (ERUs) in Way Kambas National Park on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. There are less than 1500 critically endangered Sumatran elephants left in the wild, and over the past decade that number has been decreasing. The 4 ERUs in Way Kambas are protecting one of the largest (if not the largest) connected breeding herd. This land is also critical habitat for endangered Sumatran rhino, Sumatran tiger, pangolin, hornbill, tapir, and a variety of other incredible species.

Give Veterinary Supplies

Rangers, Eco-Guards, Wildlife Officers, and Wildlife Protection Teams often work alongside animals to protect habitats and wildlife. Some patrol on horseback, some have detection and tracking dogs, and some even patrol via elephant. These patrol elephants receive excellent care, exercise, mental stimulation, and a variety of food grazed while on patrol.

Supplements, immunizations, pedicures, and more are required to make sure these elephant team members are healthy and up to the task.

For $1000 you can fill a stocking with things like veterinary supplies for an elephant patrol team, helping these elephant ambassadors stay healthy while protecting their wild cousins. You can also support things like rechargeable flashlights for $20, uniforms and rain gear for $50, and binoculars for $200. You support for Wildlife Protect Teams will make a difference at every level.