As we move into the last month of the year, many of us in the United States think of snow, sweaters, and hot chocolate, but in so many of our project locations December brings a completely different vibe.

In Western Africa (Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire) they are just finishing their rainy season, with hot weather from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

In places like Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, and Namibia they are just as hot but entering a rainy season, which coincides with the start of summer for southern hemisphere countries.

Nepal is chilly up in the mountains with night temperatures well below zero but on the plains, temperatures are cool and pleasant averaging in the mid 60s. December is typically a dry month too, so it’s ideal for wildlife watching.

Sumatra will see very hot temperatures and rain as well with near 100% humidity.

December is known as one of the best times to visit India, with temperatures averaging in the 80s, with mid-60s at night.

Elephants are extremely adaptable and thrive in many different conditions from deserts to the habitat of Mount Kenya. Because of their large size they lose body heat slowly enabling them to withstand colder temperatures. When it is hot they have the incredible ability to regulate body heat through the blood vessels in their ears as well as cooling themselves off with mud and water.

Fill A Stocking to Protect Elephants!

Rangers, Eco-Guards, Wildlife Officers, and Wildlife Protection Teams have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year somewhere in the world wildlife and habitat are being protected by a team of dedicated individuals. They face difficult conditions, rough terrain, inclement weather, dangerous threats, armed poachers, and more. Often they don’t have boots, food, or the equipment they need. This holiday season let’s fill their “stockings” with tools and supplies to make their jobs safer and improve the protection of elephants.

They need your help to do this difficult and essential work. With your donation big or small you can help fill “stockings” with things like:

  • Rechargeable Torchlight (Flashlight): $20
  • Daily Rations for a Patrol Team: $24
  • Rain Gear & Uniform: $50
  • Binoculars: $200
  • GPS Unit: $250
  • Veterinary Supplies for Patrol elephants: $1000
  • Hay, Oats & Grain for Patrol Horses for 1 year: $2500
  • Patrol Vehicle: $50,000