Can you believe we are already halfway through 2021? Even as we continue to work through the challenges presented by COVID-19 we are still focused on creating and securing a better world for elephants. That includes helping the African forest elephants in the Republic of Guinea, building an elephant food garden for patrol elephants in Sumatra, and being the beneficiary of a special elephant-themed IPA!

Habitat Security for Ziama’s Forest Elephants

African forest elephants are now officially classified as a separate species, and are recognized as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This new change makes the work of the IEF supported project equipping the rangers protecting the elephant population in the Republic of Guinea’s Ziama forest that much more important.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, we were able to provide tents, camping mats, camera traps, and GPS devices to support anti-poaching and bio-monitoring efforts in Ziama. Now with the slight opening of travel we are able to bring you updates. Camera traps have been installed to track habitat usage and estimate elephant population numbers. The tents and camping mats have been delivered and are already enabling these brave rangers to conduct multi-day patrols into previously unreachable and unpatrolled areas of the forest. And the GPS units are allowing rangers to record and track valuable information while on patrol. Critically endangered forest elephants and other threatened wildlife are now benefitting from habitat security.

With your help, we will continue to protect forest elephants, their habitat, and the other species with whom it is shared.

Build A Garden with Dad for Father’s Day

Share a project with Dad for Father’s Day! In your father’s name, you can supply the tools and the construction of an elephant food garden in Sumatra for Father’s Day. This garden will help provide quality food for the patrol elephants of the Conservation Response Units in Aceh, who work in teams with mahouts and wildlife rangers to protect the critically endangered wild Sumatran elephant from poachers and other wildlife crime.

Your $100 donation will provide the tools and enable construction of the elephant food garden for patrol elephants. In exchange,

  • Your Dad’s name will be featured on a sign in that garden
  • You will received a printable certificate to present to your dad

There are less than 1700 Sumatran elephants left in the world. Together, you and your dad can help feed the elephants who are protecting this vital population.

4 Pachyderms IPA!

We are excited to announce that the International Elephant Foundation and Turning Point Beer have partnered together to create a special limited-edition IPA based on the flavors that tickle an elephant’s palate, specifically watermelon.

Complete with a custom elephant-themed label, the 4 Pachyderms IPA is an adjunct on Turning Point’s popular New England Style IPA’s. IPA’s (or India Pale Ales) are known as a hoppy beer that pairs well with fruit. “When we heard about IEF’s work and the potential flavor profiles that appeal to elephants we knew this was a perfect match,” said Jon Paul Goytia, Co-Founder of Turning Point Beer.

To coincide with the launch of the 4 Pachyderms IPA, Turning Point Beer and IEF are hosting a trivia night on Tuesday, June 29th at Turning Point’s Tap Room. Guests will be able to participate in four rounds of elephant-themed trivia complete with prizes and a raffle while enjoying 4 Pachyderms IPA. There will be a food truck on-site as well as the IEF team who will eagerly share information about their projects. There is truly something for everyone, even if beer isn’t your thing. All proceeds benefit the International Elephant Foundation’s global elephant conservation efforts.

“This is first-ever beer brewed in honor of IEF’s work and we are honored to partner with Turning Point Beer on this limited-edition elephant brew! This event will be a great time for all and will have a global impact helping elephants around the world,” said Deborah Olson, Executive Director of IEF.

What: Elephant Trivia Night
When: Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm
Where: Turning Point Beer Tap Room
1307 Brown Trail in Bedford, TX