Did you know that today, July 31st, is World Ranger Day? It is a day dedicated to the celebration and honoring of those who dedicate and risk their lives to protect wild things and wild places.

These brave men and women can go by many titles: EcoGuards, Patrolmen, Wildlife Rangers, Mahouts, Trooper, Warden, Officer, Village Scouts, and more. No matter what they are called, these are the individuals who work tirelessly, in terrible weather conditions, with limited food and resources, often making due with hand-me-down equipment frequently in poor repair to secure our world’s most incredible natural heritage for future generations

Rangers stop armed poachers

Rangers rescue injured and orphaned wildlife

Rangers find and remove snares, nets and traps that kill and maim wildlife and potentially rangers too

Rangers protect habitat by fighting fires

Rangers work with trained dogs to track and detect wildlife crime

Rangers usually walk many miles each day but also sometimes utilize motorbikes, vehicles, and even elephants to traverse habitats

Rangers monitor and protect all wildlife

Rangers help community members in times of need

In 2022, IEF is supporting rangers and wildlife protection units in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, the Republic of Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Sumatra (Indonesia), Nepal, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

You make all of this work possible with your support! We honor these rangers every time we provide new uniforms, update patrol vehicles, build ranger stations, provide rations, provide skill training, and do anything to make their dangerous, difficult jobs just a little easier.

When you see wildlife in wild places thriving, thank a ranger!

Please watch this video about World Ranger Day and the incredible people it honors.