The International Elephant Foundation is excited to announce our guest for October’s Conservation Chat: Dr. Naveen Pandey.

The elephant’s natural habitat in and around Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in the northeastern region of India is rapidly diminishing because of increased land clearing for cultivation and development. This area is home to two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros, over a thousand Asian elephants, and a very dense tiger population.

Crop raiding by elephants peaks when rice paddy becomes more palatable and nourishing as it approaches harvesting. To improve on methods of crop guarding, 90 tongis, or look out towers, have been built for the protection of rice fields from elephants and other wildlife. The community was involved at the beginning determining the location of each tongi based on the movement of elephants and contributing labor and bamboo for construction. This ensured a sense of ownership of the project within the community connecting 379 families of farmers in the fringe villages of KNP.

After harvesting, the farmers reported that the tongis were very effective in deterring elephants and other crop-raiding species such as rhinos and wild buffaloes from their paddy fields. The harvest increased by 40% which was credited to better protection of the fields. It is hoped that the effectiveness of these tongis will reduce the farmers’ antagonistic attitude towards wild elephants with the long-term goal to enhance the conservation of all wildlife.

Conservation Chat

Dr. Pandey is the Deputy Director and Veterinary Advisor in Kaziranga, northeast India for The Corbett Foundation. A conservation practitioner and cultural ecologist, Dr. Pandey plans, executes and monitors projects on nature conservation and cultural ecology in six states in India. His projects on mitigating human-wildlife conflict, landscape epidemiology, ecological restoration, and social dimensions of conservation touch indigenous communities in distant landscapes. IEF has supported Dr. Pandey’s work supporting the fringe villages around Kaziranga National Park since 2020.

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