Protecting Elephants Also Means Protecting Tigers

Living alongside wildlife is dangerous. The communities around Nepal’s Bardia National Park know this firsthand, sharing their habitat with approximately 120 elephants and 87 tigers. Conservation efforts have helped these wildlife population numbers grow, but with that comes increasing incidents of human-wildlife conflict that causes crop losses, property damage, and human injuries and even deaths–all of which lead to animosity towards animals and retaliatory killings of elephants and tigers. The Community Based Elephant Conservation Project supported by IEF helps to protect both wildlife and humans by mobilizing Rapid Response Teams, holding conservation education events, and safely utilizing mitigation measures.

Beginning late last year and into this year in the communities of Banke, Raptisonari forest area, there was a series of human casualties caused by a tiger. Because the attacks happened in the same region it was thought the same animal was responsible. The Bardia teams deployed to the area, using camera traps to identify and monitor the suspected tiger. After 10 long days, the tiger was identified and safely captured and transferred to a holding center in Kasara Chitwan.

Acting quickly was important to show the community that their lives and safety are a priority. This quick action was also key to preventing the life of the tiger from being killed in retaliation. While not a case of human-elephant conflict, all cases of wildlife conflict have the potential to damage community support for conservation efforts. Protecting elephants means having a big picture view of the entire situation, protecting their habitat and all the wildlife therein because safe coexistence is the only way to protect elephants, tigers, and all wildlife for generations to come.

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