Implementation of an Elephant Migration Corridor, Namibia2021-04-17T11:58:24-06:00
Elephant Utilization of the Zambezi-Chobe Floodplain Wildlife Dispersal Area, Zambia2021-04-17T11:58:17-06:00
Elephant Monitoring and Conservation in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda2021-04-17T11:58:28-06:00
The effect of community workshops and elephant movements on HEC, Kenya2021-04-17T11:54:44-06:00
Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team, Kenya2021-04-11T13:23:25-06:00
Elephant deterrent effectiveness in light of ecological and agricultural variation, Kenya2021-04-11T13:23:05-06:00
Sustaining local support for elephant conservation near Ruaha, Tanzania2021-04-11T13:27:06-06:00
Support to wildlife protection efforts in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia2021-04-11T13:27:15-06:00
Enabling human-elephant co-existence through applied research and stakeholder engagement2021-04-11T13:31:58-06:00
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